Webinar – 9th June – 2pm CEST – “The artificial substitution of missing hands“

Our next free webinar will take place on Zoom on June 9th at 2pm CEST. Join us for an enthralling talk on “Artificial substitution of missing hands”!

“The replacement of a missing hand by a prosthesis is one of the most fascinating challenges in rehabilitation engineering. For decades, science and engineering have tried to match the sensory and motor features of the human body, designing limbs aiming at replicating the shape and functionality of the natural counterparts. Building such incredible devices and making them wearable and intuitively controllable by people is the goal of prosthetics research.

This talk aims at providing an overview of past and present artificial prosthetic hands developed and at discussing the main design issues.”

Presentation by Dr. Marco Controzzi (Assistant Professor at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna) and Dr. Francesco Clemente (Managing Director at Prensilia SRL, Affiliate Professional at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

To know more and register: Events – B-Cratos

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