Workpackage Brain Interface: Wireless Powering and Communication

Led by NTNU

Ali Khaleghi

NTNU, Senior Scientist
WP2 leader

Dr. Ali Khaleghi is a senior scientist at the department of electronic systems (IES), the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and the Intervention Center (IVS), Oslo University Hospital (OUS). He has carried out several industrial R&D projects and is CO-PI and project leader for Norwegian Research Council (NFR) and EU H2020 projects (WINNOW, CIRCLE, CLIPEUS, GLADIATOR, 5G-HEART…). His research includes antennas and wave propagation, wireless communications, electromagnetic compatibility, measurement techniques, and bio-electromagnetics. He is authored over 100 peer-reviewed journals and conferences and holds nine patents.

Ilangko Balasingham

NTNU, Senior Scientist & Professor
WP2 Researcher

Ilangko Balasingham is Professor of Medical Signal Processing and Communications at the Department of Electronic Systems.

Since 2002, he has been working with the Intervention Center, Oslo University Hospital – Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway as a Senior Research Scientist and Founder and Head of the Biomedical Sensor Network Research Group, since 2017 he is Head of Section for Medical ICT R&D at the Intervention Center.

His research interests include medical signal and image processing, wireless biomedical sensor networks for short range sensing, imaging, localization and communication, and multimedia patient record systems.

Aminolah Hasanvand

NTNU, Senior Hardware and Embedded System Architect
WP2 Researcher

Experienced Senior Hardware and Embedded System Architect specializing in in-body implants and skilled in backscatter communication systems design, system integration, test setup design, signal processing, wireless power transfer, and various related software tools. Proven track record in executing multi-disciplinary projects, with significant contributions as an advanced technology integration lead engineer in the development of implantable devices and associated external support hardware and software.