Ethics within B-CRATOS

Why would ethics be relevant for a project such as B-CRATOS? Don’t we simply have to do our job, pave the way to innovation and not worry about any such kind of philosophical-like questions?

Definitely not.

On the contrary, if we look closely, our project has many reasons to take ethics into consideration: new technology and its future uses, use of animals for testing, a technology that is linked to the brain, raising many questions of safety and ethics. For us, this question is of prime importance, this is why we have an External Ethics Board supervising B-CRATOS. The Board gives us guidance and helps us understand what’s at stake. These insights are crucial to design the technology, and then to implement it, and improve it!

You can take a look at this video, in which our Ethics Board Chair, Nicola Di Stefano, explains why it matters.

If you wish to learn more about ethics in the field of technology and innovation, be sure to join us on October 27th at 4pm CEST: we organise a webinar to discuss the topic. It’s free! (register)

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