Rossella is a researcher at the LINKS foundation. She is part of the B-CRATOS project and was just recently selected to the Women Leadership Programme of the European Innovation Council.

“I would like to thank the ‘EIC Women Leadership Programme’ for providing this wonderful opportunity for scientists, which motivates me to explain how I arrived at this stage in life.

I have always been fascinated by the world of physics, which allows us to elegantly describe the reality around us, in its incredible complexity and variety. For this reason, I decided to study physics at the university and obtain a Ph.D. in physics and astrophysics. A study in physics is versatile and enables one to pursue a broad range of interests in STEM sciences. The encouragement and support from tutors and leading professors have been marvelous enabling me to excel in my field. It was during my Ph.D. that I shifted my research field to the world of microwave engineering and biomedical applications. This led me to join Fondazione LINKS in 2018, where I currently work on exciting projects such as B-CRATOS. The strong social impact of the latter project makes me proud to provide a contribution and allows me to understand the fundamental role of research in improving healthcare and quality of life, and to inspire other young scientists to follow this path!”