Paolo and Burim are researchers working on B-CRATOS in Italy.

Watch their interview to learn more about B-CRATOS and their daily tasks!

Paolo Viviani earned a degree in theoretical physics and a PhD in computer science both at University of Torino. He is now Senior Researcher at LINKS Foundation. His main interests are High-Performance Computing, Quantum Computing and systems for Machine Learning/AI. His current activity focuses on HPC and scientific computing topics like the acceleration of complex scientific and industrial workflows on large scale HPC infrastructures and optimization algorithms for near-term analog quantum hardware. He published several peer-reviewed papers, both to conferences and journals. He was also involved in several funded research projects in the field of HPC (ACROSS EuroHPC-02-2019, B-CRATOS H2020-EU – FET Open, Lexis H2020-ICT-11, Fortissimo 2 H2020-FoF, CloudFlow FP7-I4MS).

Burim Kabashi received his BSc degree in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Trento and his MSc degree in Electronic Engineering – Micro & Nanosystems at the Polytechnic University of Turin. Main interests are oriented toward biomedical applications, such as research and development of neuroprosthetics, robotic and artificial limbs. Current activities are focused on Hardware and Firmware upgrade of Prosthetic Hands provided for the B-Cratos project and Hardware and Firmware development and implementation in the Liquid Handling Robot project for industry application. He has contributed to the publication of scientific papers in the area of energy harvesting system using green power generation devices and in the development of battery consume optimization algorithm for prosthetic hand.