Intra-Body Communication and Sensing: Special Issue

The goal of this Research Topic is to bring together a collection of papers that individually and collectively developed intrabody communication capacitive, galvanic, inductive, RF coupling and also other novel concepts like Fat-IBC for various body centric application including the control of mechatronic prosthetic extremities (artificial limbs, exoskeleton etc.). The IBC techniques are a complementary part of physiological sensing. Therefore the research topic covers various sensing techniques, including microwave/RF, optic, electric, acoustic and other novel concepts in sensing. The insights collected will cater to the development of comprehensive systems for a holistic health monitoring approach.

Special focus will be given (but is not restricted) to:
• RF, capacitive, galvanic and inductive Intra body communication
– Brain-computer/machine interface
– Wearable sensor network
– Implanted sensor/actuator sensor network
– Surface to in-body communication
• Microwave/RF, optic, electric, acoustic and other concepts in bio-physiological sensing
• Bionics, prosthesis, robotics

Deadline: March 13, 2022

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