Dr. Andres Agudelo-Toro is a neuro-engineer working as a scientist at the Deutsches Primaten Zentrum, a core primate facility in Germany and part of the Leibniz Society.

Following his goal to develop a high-accuracy neuro-prosthesis for grasping, he combines neural decoding, virtual environments, and robotics in experiments with primates.

To prepare for this, Andres was trained in control systems, real-time distributed systems, and neuroscience at EAFIT (Colombia), Rutgers (USA), and the Max Plack Institute (Germany).

Thanks to the advice of his mother and grandmother as a child, Andres chose education to support his family in the barrios of Medellin in times of Pablo Escobar’s cartel. After a series of scholarships, he graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Universidad EAFIT while working at the Sistemas de Control lab and Realidad Virtual lab and interning at the former CAIP center in Rutgers. He obtained his doctoral degree in Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience from Göttingen University and MPI-DS with his dissertation on theoretical models of brain stimulation.

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